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The Art & Science of Storytelling


Broadcasting and Beyond

Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between the art and the science of storytelling. The art is involved in the content and the science involves the manner in which that content is delivered to an audience. The earliest forms of storytelling were thought to be oral, like the traveling bards who roamed from village to village, entertaining, teaching and passing on cultural values. From the medieval Gaelic bards through Scheherazade, Homer, Shakespeare, Aesop, and Hans Christian Anderson to the storytellers of modern times, the science of their art has progressed exponentially. First came the written word, and then printed text, then radio, motion picture and television and now stories recorded, preserved and communicated digitally.

Assistant Camera Mark Larrick and Videographer/Director Gordon Blocker on location in Dallas, Texas

Assistant Camera Mark Larrick and Videographer/Director Gordon Blocker with $90,000 Ikegama Video Camera

Think how far we’ve come technologically. It was in 1895 that the Frenchman Louis Lumiere was credited with inventing the first motion picture. The first television broadcast was in 1928, received on sets with 1.5-inch screens. As late as 1945, there were fewer than 10,000 television sets in the U.S. Then computers, video and the Internet changed broadcast forever.

Storytelling entered a new golden age. YouTube reports uploads of over

300 hours of video each minute. Over 5 billion hours of videos

are viewed on YouTube every single day, viewed on

televisions, iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, tablets and

other digital delivery systems.

Blocker Publishing is a leader in both the art and science of storytelling. The stories produced range from real estate to community service, education to history, aviation to electronics, religion to pharmaceuticals. More often than not, these communication products have been recognized with national and international achievement awards. But the remarkable thing about these products is the range of technology employed to communicate with new audiences. Many of these technology solutions, including special effects, have been pioneered by BP. Currently our company is taking a leading position in bringing the storyteller’s art to the most advanced digital delivery systems including some that haven’t even been named yet.

Gordon Blocker, Special Effect Designer

Gordon Blocker, Special Effects Designer

Blocker Publishing

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