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The Fifth Horseman


Medical Education & Marketing

Ever since the ancient Egyptian Houses of Healing on the banks of the Nile there has been a growing commitment to healing the body, mind and spirit of human kind.  In the quest to eradicate human suffering, medicine has advanced at an exponential rate.

New discoveries and inventions are changing the way we fight disease and are enormously advancing the quality of human life.

Yet, historically and in our contemporary world, one of the greatest

problems in medicine is funding these discoveries and inventions,

bringing them to market, bringing them into the lives of people.

This is the field of medical marketing.

It is no wonder that Gordon Blocker & Associates is a leader in this Medical Marketing field. Gordon grew up in a family of physicians; his father was the first President of the University of Texas Medical School, in Galveston. Gordon’s study of medical history and the contemporary health care field has been a constant and continuing endeavor. Perhaps his greatest achievement has been to apply the most advanced communications technology to create products advancing the cause of health, wellness and healing. Perhaps his greatest attribute is to imbue these products, especially films, with drama, compassion and high style.