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The Harvest of a Dream


Welcome to Blocker Publishing

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What you will see on this website is a profile of the projects we’ve completed, the solutions we’ve provided, the awards we’ve won, the stories that have enlivened us for the past four decades.

And, there is more. It is the record of a personal journey. Each film, video, interactive presentation

or publication production is a chapter in a life unfolding.

There are the people whose stories we have told, the beauty we have captured, the achievements we have recorded. The harvest of a dream we had long ago when we first discovered the magic of film and realized its power to change lives.

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On this site you’ll find evidence of astonishing advances in technology. From projects presented with five dozen slide projectors to marvels of the high-definition digital age. From examples of collaboration using index cards and early Apple Macintosh computers with 128K ram and floppy disks to high-speed networks of co-workers working as easily around the globe as across town.

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You will find dramatic changes in our craft, our profession, our industry; changes that we could never have envisioned nearly five decades ago. Here are lessons learned, good friends made, challenges encountered, values upheld, joys discovered, purpose realized. It is our hope that these pages will be entertaining and instructive. Perhaps something in it will nourish the dreams of someone just embarking on the journey we have taken. By sharing this experience, I hope to stimulate your creativity and ease the passage through the pitfalls and detours that lay along the way.

Gordon Blocker

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